“The Oscars” for consultants nomination


The Ukrainian Agency of Strategic Solutions ShiStrategies is one of the nominees for the main international award in the field of management consulting, Constantinus International Awards, for the implementation of the Helping Hand social project.


Helping Hand is a pilot social project of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine that had been implemented in 2017-2019 in three regions of Ukraine with the support of the World Bank. Through the Employment and Social Protection Centers of the Poltava, Lviv and Kharkiv regions, the project team implemented new mechanisms to combat poverty and unemployment. About 5,000 IDPs and unemployed people receiving state social assistance became participants in the pilot project. The project involved about 1,000 leaders and specialists of local executive authorities and local governments in the pilot regions.


ShiStrategies was involved in organizing, coordinating and ensuring the implementation of the project, its communication support, as well as training of government officials involved in the project.


“The project team implemented mechanisms for identifying long-term unemployed who receive state social assistance and who are capable and willing to become entrepreneurs. We went to each person, helped them to  find their motivation and reach their potential. Not everyone can become an entrepreneur. But the Helping Hand team has learned to find such people among the often desperate unemployed, and to offer them a chance to change their lives and the lives of their families.


We provided consultations and non-stop assistance to the project participants on business plan preparation, business creation and development. The local authorities provided them with administrative support. Therefore, if more than half of small businesses are usually closed in the first year and a half, then out of the 237 participants in the Helping Hand project who started their own businesses, only three have ceased operations in two years. People who have recently received social welfare are now earning, creating jobs, paying taxes, - said ex-coordinator of the Helping Hand project, managing partner of ShiStrategies Agency, Inna Shynkarenko. - The project has also brought a new level of interaction between local authorities, social services and local businesses. The implementation of intensive training programs, which was attended by more than 800 executives and employees of the employment centers, departments of social protection of the population, local communities, played a huge role in this. The project is ready for scaling еркщгпрщге Ukraine. In fact, it can become a middle-class incubator."


In total, eight consulting companies from 7 countries were nominated for the Constantinus International Award in 2019. There are projects from Singapore, Canada, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ukraine and China. For the first time, Ukrainian consultants were shortlisted.


The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) has established Constantinus International Awards to promote excellence in consulting services worldwide.


The main purpose of the award is to promote the consulting sector in general, as well as selected outstanding consulting projects nationally and globally.