Andriy Reva Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine is grateful to Inna Shynkarenko, Managing Partner of the Agency for Strategic Solutions ShiStrategies for the collaboration and confidently recommends her as an experienced consultant capable of implementing complex projects in the field of social protection of the population. The tasks of the innovative Helping Hand project were fully implemented thanks in large part to the high organizational skills, experience of Inna Shynkarenko on project organization and management, competence and ability to work on the result. The Agency team provided, in particular, a broad information and awareness campaign among people, training of specialists and officials whose duties are directly related to the implementation of the project in the regions.
Mykola Shambyr Deputy Minister for Social Policy
The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine attests to the high quality of the advisory services provided by the managing partner of the ShiStrategies Agency of Strategic Solutions Inna Shynkarenko in implementation of the Helping Hand project. Coordinating the implementation of the joint social project of the Ministry and the World Bank, Ms. Inna has shown outstanding organizational skills, the ability to respond promptly to challenges and the ability to work with both government officials and the complex audience of long-term unemployed.
Volodymyr Minenko Director of Kharkiv Regional Employment Service
Thanks to the interaction of all parties involved in the implementation of the Helping Hand project you organized and a large-scale communication campaign, a strong social request for participation in the project had been arisen. The best evidence of the effectiveness of your work is the numerous appeals from citizens who wish to return to the labor market or to start their business, which are regularly received by the employment service of the Kharkiv region.
Kateryna Klavdieva Director of the Poltava Regional Employment Center
Your support has strengthened the role of the Employment service of Poltava Region as a reliable social partner and mediator between potential workers and local businesses. I would like to highlight the press tour to the participants of the Helping Hand project you organized for all-Ukrainian media in the Poltava region, which facilitated and promoted the engagement of the new participants from both unemployed and employers to the pilot project. At the same time, trainings for employees of the regional employment center and its branches allowed to move towards a new level of cooperation with existing enterprises, job seekers and start-ups.
Oleg Pruhlo Deputy Head of Poltava Regional State Administration
The successful implementation of the Helping Hand pilot project in the Poltava region was facilitated by the joint and coordinated work of consultants, managers and specialists of Employment centers and social welfare departments. We would like to emphasize the significant role of Inna Shynkarenko, who professionally coordinated efforts to implement the pilot project, organized operational support and assistance.
Makar Paseniuk Managing Partner of ICU
The Agency of strategic solutions, led by Inna Shynkarenko, is ICU's reliable partner in building effective public relations. In conjunction with ShiStrategies, ICU had implemented a number of successful communications projects in the areas of investment banking, asset management and trading. Collaboration with the agency helped to consolidate ICU's position as the leader of the Ukrainian stock market and helped the group to successfully position itself internationally. The agency had been working as an external press office of our company for a long time, providing a full range of communication support including organization of press events, daily cooperation with the media and anti-crisis PR.
Kostiantyn Stetsenko Managing Partner, ICU
Thanks to Agency’s professional work, ICU broke new ground in communication with the media. Percentage of citation of ICU associates in profile publications has increased significantly, and our group's experts have become top speakers in their respective fields. The agency has proved to be an indispensable assistant in crisis communication. The prompt and systematic reaction of Inna Shynkarenko and the PR-specialists under her leadership has repeatedly helped to avoid potential reputational risks. We would also like to emphasize the coherence of the agency's work and its attention to punctuality and quality of work.
Kateryna Rigg Principal Manager, Advice for Small Businesses at EBRD
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the SME Development Department, attests to the high quality of the work and consultancy services provided by Inna Shynkarenko and her team during our project cooperation. Over two years of cooperation, the team led by Inna Shynkarenko has established itself as a reliable and professional partner and has made a significant contribution to the communication aspect of the development of the EBRD grant program for small and medium-sized enterprises and the creation of a competitive consulting market in Ukraine. The communication strategy developed and implemented by Ms. Inna was effective and helped us to increase the number of project applications and to fulfill the ambitious project implementation plans.
Alexey Zolotaryov Managing Partner, Kyiv Watch Factory
Kyiv Watch Factory commends the ShiStrategies Agency of Strategic Solutions for providing the services of audit of marketing and commercial activities of the company and subsequent development of the strategy and tactics for the company and the Kleynod brand. The marketing strategy developed by the Agency allowed us to reconsider approaches to business optimization and to provide new opportunities. Agency employees completed the job quickly and efficiently and demonstrated a high level of competency in business audit, marketing and sales.
Volodymyr Tsytsiura Deputy Chairman of the Baranivka City Council
For three years now, ShiStrategies has been our reliable partner in building effective public relations and implementing innovative projects aimed at community development. The Agency's team, in particular, developed and supported the implementation of the Communication Strategy of the Baranivka City United Territorial Community, aimed at strengthening the community's reputation and achieving strategic goals. Development and implementation of public communication standards in the united territorial community, trainings for heads of utilities and divisions of the Executive Committee of Baranivka City Council, consulting on strategic communications helped us to improve content for different groups of stakeholders and start building an effective system of internal and external communication. Baranivka United Territorial Community is grateful to the ShiStrategies team for working together and recommends it as a reliable and experienced partner for united territorial communities that strategically build their communications, care for the reputation and development of communities.
Yuriy Sikachov Chairman of the trade union committee of the State Enterprise Lutsk Repair Plant “Motor”
ShiStrategies has developed and implemented a series of communication campaigns aimed at improving the reputation, recognition and positioning of our company as a socially responsible employer. We appreciate the assistance of the Agency's specialists provided in the development and organization of large-scale events, which were held for the staff of State Enterprise Lutsk Repair Plant “Motor”. We received a special response to the social project “Opportunity to fly on the ground”, developed and implemented for the families of servicemen of the Sevastopol Tactical Aviation Brigade and the staff of our plant. The project helped to improve the interaction between the staff of the plant and the staff of the Sevastopol brigade, increased the motivation of our teams to participate in cultural exchange. The measures and information materials prepared by the Agency have always been widely circulated in the media and social networks.