Inna Shynkarenko on Radio NV


The “Helping Hand” project is needed by both low-income citizens and territorial communities. In general, the state benefits from it, because the project contributes to economic growth and lower unemployment. The project coordinator, managing partner of ShiStrategies Inna Shynkarenko told about the prospects of the pilot, who has proved its effectiveness, and about the search for donors on the air of Radio NV.


“This is a big step for the country's economy. Our participants are interested in paying taxes, because they do not repay the entire microloan, but the difference between the amount of financial assistance and taxes paid. The average benefit amount is 70 thousand hryvnias, which is comparable to the amount that the government spends annually on the maintenance of an average low-income family. But in our case, this family pays taxes and creates jobs,” said Inna Shynkarenko.


Now the project does not provide financial assistance to open its own business to new participants since funds for the continuation of the pilot were not provided for in the state budget for 2019. However, we hope that the new government and other donors will appreciate the prospects of the unemployment mechanisms that we have worked out and the project will be resumed.