Internal communications

Internal communications

A significant part of the information the market, partners, the public and consumers get about your company comes from former and current employees.

True leaders make every effort to stay on top of the team. Effective internal communications help to provide employees with a clear understanding of both the company's strategy and daily decisions, introduce high-quality information sharing in the team and provide better feedback. It leads to increased employee motivation, productivity and loyalty.

ShiStrategies professionals are indispensable at the stage of a company’s transition from a “family” to a “functional” management model. It is during this period that many companies either lose valuable employees or put an end to their own development prospects. If the company is preparing for active expansion into the market, plans to rebrand, to engage professional stuff or began to lose them, it is necessary to establish internal communications as soon as possible.

Employees ultimately determine everything - the success of business projects, the state of the company's reputation, and the results of competition. Not talking to them is a crime against your own business. We will teach you to speak the same language with the staff.

Substantive services:

  • Employer brand management
  • Development and implementation of internal communications strategy
  • Establishing channels of effective internal communications
  • Organization of public events
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