External corporate communications

External corporate communications

Companies that have a well-built and efficiently working external communications system generally have no difficulty in attracting financing, they get more loyal clients, customers, and less problems with regulatory authorities.

Communication is a means to the end of specific business goals and an investment in a reputation.  Developing and implementing corporate communications programs, ShiStrategies experts not only make the business and brand recognizable, but also bring new purposes to the organization’s work, build and protect the client’s reputation.

ShiStrategies Agency provides a full range of communication services, from the development of a communication strategy to its daily implementation and analysis. We build a system of effective communications with all the main stakeholders of a company (consumers, suppliers, partners, investors, authorities, etc.) using various channels. This allows our clients to get the key values and advantages of the company across the target audience, complicates the distortion of facts about its activities, information attacks against the business, builds trust and contribute to the increase in sales.

Substantive services:

  • Development and implementation of a communication strategy
  • Building a communications system in an organization
  • Outsourced Press Office
  • PR for project management
  • Event PR and support
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