Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Companies often seek an advise from reputation management professionals, when the reputation has already got serious breaches, caused by mistakes or competitors’ machinations and already going down hard.  In such cases, we define the severity of the situation and launch mechanisms for a quick anti-crisis response. But, of course, it is better to approach the crisis being prepared.

ShiStrategies experts have significant experience in responding to information attacks of competitors and ill-wishers, journalistic investigations, litigation, conflicts with authorities, failures and product recalls, labour disputes, problems caused by staff reductions, etc.

Our team had saved more than 50 reputations of organizations and their leaders.

We also help companies to create a system for forecasting and preventing reputation crises. It is always better to prevent a crisis than to deal with its consequences.

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Substantive services:

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive anti-crisis campaigns
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