Good marketing is the key to success of any business. For us, marketing is linked to all cycles in the company —  from raw materials purchase to the sales of finished products and after-sales work with customers.

ShiStrategies specialists offer a full range of marketing efforts, including the analysis of the client’s business and the market he works in, his sales system, positioning and customer responsiveness to his marketing activities. After analyzing and identifying problems and development prospects, we offer an adjustment, and, if necessary, the formulation of a single marketing and sales strategy.

For us, marketing is 20% of creativity, 30% of science and 50% of hard, but sapid everyday work.

In this work, marketing and sales are inseparable. Since the main objective of the business in the long run is profit and income.

Substantive services:

  • Audit of marketing, sales and brands
  • Development and implementation of a marketing strategy
  • Analysis of the competitive environment and market trends
  • Formation and implementation of a common marketing and sales strategy
  • Creation of an effective marketing communications system in the company
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