How we work

First – “why?”, then — “how?”

Orientation to business results is the main approach of our Agency. Our strength is strategic vision of the objectives. Whether it is a company, a person or an individual project, we begin by helping to define goals based on the core values of the client.


Whatever you plan – to bring a company or a new product to the market, to create or refresh a brand, to establish reputation management – we shall offer comprehensive solutions that will enable you to shift from chaotic to systemic actions. This will save your money, time and efforts.

Each client and each business is unique, with their starting opportunities, corporate culture and strategy. Therefore, our solutions are also individual. We can do everything, but always offer only those tools that are really necessary to achieve goals.



ShiStrategies is:

  • Always a result for a client
  • Responsibility
  • Clear goals and timeline
  • Systemic approach to client’s objectives
  • Addressing the matter
  • Customized solutions only
  • Building an integral system of communications
  • Confidentiality